CSW Strategic Plan featuring Positive Charge

Academic Years, 2022-2027

Approved by the CSW Board of Directors: June 28, 2022

Executive Summary

The Charter School of Wilmington serves a national leader in STEM education. The CSW Strategic Plan featuring Positive Charge provides a foundation and action plan for advancing the school’s mission:

To inspire and prepare highly motivated students to thrive both individually and as responsible global citizens through world-class science, mathematics and technology education.

Serving the educational needs and best interests of its extraordinary students is central to CSW’s mission. Core values focused on establishing ideal conditions for learning – inclusion, empathy & understanding, caring, service, responsibility, confidence, love of learning and creativity & experimentation – as well as synergistic strategic goals are fully aligned with this purpose. CSW’s goals include:

  1. Maximize student potential.

  2. Cultivate a culture of innovation.

  3. Enhance intellectual and physical capital.

  4. Serve as a model of academic excellence and community engagement.

  5. Increase equity.

  6. Continuously improve organizational effectiveness & sustainability.

To guide the actions of CSW personnel and stakeholders toward the accomplishment of these goals, a set of nine priority objectives are highlighted for pursuit during AY 2022-23. These objectives range from developing a comprehensive school health and performance dashboard to identifying perceived barriers to educational innovation to making meaningful one-time investments aimed at improving the learning environment and supporting faculty professional development in targeted areas. Importantly, the plan is designed to be nimble and responsive to changing circumstances, with annual review and assessment of goal-relevant accomplishments as well as the development of new and revised priority objectives for subsequent academic years specified as responsibilities of the CSW Strategic Planning Committee.

 To read specific sections within the Strategic Plan, click each heading below. Click here to download a PDF of the CSW Strategic Plan.


Questions and comments pertinent to CSW’s Strategic Plan featuring Positive Charge should be directed to the CSW Strategic Planning Committee – Strategicplanning@charterschool.org. Thank you.